Pre Primary School Programs


Age Group : 1.5 – 2.5 Years
This phase will be the first time a young child has to stay away from parents for little long. Although it is the toughest phase for both parents and child, but at the same time it is equally important as it is the initial most stage of building a solid foundation of the child’s future.
To make this transitional phase easier, we aim to create an environment that helps in building relationships between the children and care givers to ensure positive outcomes.
At NATKHAT, we take the responsibility to provide them an abode where they feel safe and happy just like they are at home.

Some activities offered at this phase are :

  • Rhymes, Free Play,
  • Art & Craft, Scrap Book Activities,
  • Sand & Water Activities,
  • Creativity Corner (Vegetable Printing, Thumb Printing, Etc),
  • Clay Moulding And Cartoon Movie Shows.
  • Outdoor & Indoor Play, etc.

The care givers follow child-centric approach. They ensure the settling down of the children into preschool atmosphere with ease.
At NATKHAT, we also seek to have a good bond with the parents. The teachers share information on a regular basis with the parents about their child’s developmental records. Also, the parents are welcome to visit the school till their child becomes comfortable in the new environment.


Age Group : 2.5+ Years
Children under this age group begin to explore and develop independent thinking. At NATKHAT, we provide a more sorted and structured day with an environment that spreads positive energy and makes learning a fun filled experience.
With the theme based, age appropriate curriculum with activity-based learning, the teachers focus on manifesting the dynamic learning system of children.

Few activities in this phase include:

  • Learning By Exploration
  • Sensory Time, Story Time, Free-Play,
  • Art & Crafts, Creative Time,
  • Building Communication Skills
  • Math Readiness
  • Language Readiness
  • Celebration Of Festivals & Events,
  • Art & Craft, Etc.

The parents are equally encouraged to partner with the school to ensure that their ward is driven towards holistic development at this tender age.


Age Group : 3+ Years
As per New Education Policy 2020, the formalization of school education starts from nursery. Therefore, this phase marks the beginning of subject based learning. We at NATKHAT Educations give utmost importance to safe, high quality and developmentally appropriate care and education.
Our aim is to make children real thinkers so they become independent in their own way. The children would be able to make choices for themselves like what they want to draw, what toys they want or even when to go to the washroom, etc.
They are also taught how to adjust and work well in groups through sharing and cooperation.

Subjects are :

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Mathematics
  • Arts and Crafts

Few among the many activities offered are:

  • Enhancing Communication Skills
  • Expression Through Art And Drama, Role Play Activities, Stage Exposure
  • Math And Language Skill Development
  • Promoting Cognitive Development
  • Building Materials That Support Cognitive And Creative Thinking
  • Introduction To Technology
  • Outdoor Play to Develop Gross & Fine Motor Skills


Junior K.G Age Group : 4+ Years
Senior K.G Age Group : 5+ Years
While emphasizing on making academics a fun, we also ensure that children adapt to classroom settings, i.e. learn to sit and listen, obey teachers and cooperate with their fellow mates.
Our focus during this phase would be the child’s academic and cognitive progress, along with development in other life skills.

Subjects are :

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Mathematics
  • General Awareness
  • Arts and Crafts

The core skills taught are:

  • Word foundation
  • Learning vowels
  • Language , Communication and Phonological awareness
  • Numerical skills
  • Creative development (Art, Music and Dance)
  • Physical development